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jane505 hatte ein Profil auf der Datingseite von MilfDateLink und gab vor aus Neverland zu kommen.

Leider ist das Herkunftsland nicht zu ermitteln gewesen und wird daher mit Neverland angegeben.

Meist erhalte ich eine PN über das interne Mailsystem, aber es kommt auch vor, dass eine Mailadresse zur Kontaktaufnahme in den Profilbeschreibungen enthalten ist. Dann und wann trete ich auch mit den möglichen Scammern in Kontakt und versuche eine Mailadresse zu bekommen.

Später stellte es sich heraus, dass die Person angeblich den Namen Jane Douglas haben wollte.

Über die Mailadresse douglasjane35@gmail.com konnte dann meinerseits der Kontakt aufgenommen werden. Ob und mit welchen Inhalten diese Kontaktaufnahme erfolgreich sein konnte wird weiter unten dokumentiert.

Tante Google nach der Mailadresse fragen

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Der Staat ist: Neverland

IP-Hidden ist: Google

Die Mail wurde inline Google versendet, also ist das Herkunftsland leider nicht feststellbar und wird mit Neverland angegeben.

Der Erstkontakt ist vom: 07.10.2017

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2017-10-07 10:29:09

Hello xxxx
Thanks for the mail so little about me, I"m Jane Douglas am 32 yrs old female and I dont care about age and I am doing master degree in Accounting out of states....... i was born and raised up in Reed city in Michigan but due to what happen to my parent , i lost my dad and mom but I am the only child and life has to move on.let me start introduce my self to you,no drama and a positive outlook on life....A relationship that ends up where it s supposed to is what I seek. If that s a serious relationship, good friends or great lovers, I am prepared for the next encounter life has to offer me.I Really Need a man that I can have trust on with no question and who can trust me the same. I want a man whose loves me for my heart and soul. We would be like two vases of water poured into one larger more beautiful vase, in which we would be one. Holding each other, breathing each other, tasting each other as we watch the sun rise and set in each others arms. Laughing, crying, singing, praying, playing, working together to make life fun and safe for each other. I have not found that yet, but I am eternally hopeful. Been there, seen it and know better. I have no physical or mental baggage and strive everyday to be a better man for .Kindness,Loyalty,Supportive and Honesty are important realities in my lifestyle.

I am a confident,loving,caring,supportive,compassionate, articulate, educated,hardworking and successful that is seeking the exceptional partner. Im Athletic, Adventurous, and Romantic individual that enjoys: working out, music, movies, dining out, clubbing (occasionally) and spontaneous travel. Join me in the Garden and have a glass of wine while I clean up and we ll share deep stimulating conversation. Further exploring the mental chemistry between us......I am a cool and shy girl ..I hate cheating and lying and fighting...my ex boyfriend cheated on me so since then i have to be single and i love to meet someone that is honest,open minded, caring, romantic and i love to meet someone special OK.. I will love to meet someone cool and caring person trustworthy..honest and cool person that can take care of me and i will be with him till the rest of my life and i will be caring and lovely to him if you only he can promise not to cheat on me OK.

My favorite physical activities:Basketball, Dancing,swimming,listening to music, Jogging/Running
My favorite food(s):American, Chinese/Dim Sum, Fast Food/Pizza, Japanese/Sushi
My favorite music:Blues, Disco, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Soul/R&B
Favorite Color & Flower Blue Color... Rose Flower
What do you do for a living?
What do you seek for in a relationship?
What are the basic qualities you seek for in a lady?
What sort of relationship you seek for?What interests you?Do you like public intimacy?

I hate to be cheat and fighting and disobey .I love to meet good person and trustworthy honest ,caring good person and i will care for him too.. I m a student I seek trust,honesty,understanding,sincerity,love and sharing,sharing the good times and bad times together with no fear of what the world might put upon us.Well, the relationship I want is one to be build on the solid foundation which is love and trust, I do believe with this 2 ingredients of relationship,so many relationships has come to success unlike ones built on false and pretenses.The basic qualities i need from a guy are Honesty, Love,Trust. What interests me?Wow,God interest me, all the things he has created interest me,the nature really do. .. About my last relationship..My ex boyfriend went to marry my best friend one day i was going to check on my ex boyfriend and meet both of them in my boyfriend s room and i fated and i was rush to the hospital that was so painful But i have to forget about it and start a new life..Tell me more about yourself. I hope to read from Soon and tell me more about you and email me your pics.


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