Das ist Vorgang Nr.: 8267

Die Bilder werden mit der eigenen Galerie von Django Hurtig präsentiert.

Lilly hatte ein Profil auf der Datingseite von zorpia und gab vor aus USA zu kommen.

Meist erhalte ich eine PN über das interne Mailsystem, aber es kommt auch vor, dass eine Mailadresse zur Kontaktaufnahme in den Profilbeschreibungen enthalten ist. Dann und wann trete ich auch mit den möglichen Scammern in Kontakt und versuche eine Mailadresse zu bekommen.

Später stellte es sich heraus, dass die Person angeblich den Namen Lilly Smith haben wollte.

Über die Mailadresse lilly.smith35@hotmail.com konnte dann meinerseits der Kontakt aufgenommen werden. Ob und mit welchen Inhalten diese Kontaktaufnahme erfolgreich sein konnte wird weiter unten dokumentiert.

Tante Google nach der Mailadresse fragen

Die Transfersumme

Dieser Vorgang hat einen mehr oder weniger großen Betrag. Die Höhe beläuft sich auf 5.500.000,00 Dollar. Was es mit diesem Geld auf sich hat, ist aus den nachfolgenden Mails zu entnehmen.

Die IP-Adresse des ersten Kontaktes

Die IP-Adresse ist:

Der Staat ist: Neverland

IP-Hidden ist: Microsoft

Die Mail wurde inline Microsoft versendet, also ist das Herkunftsland leider nicht feststellbar und wird mit Neverland angegeben.

Der Erstkontakt ist vom: 10.10.2017

Die Mails des Scammers in chronologischer Reihenfolge


2017-10-10 15:38:45

My Dear
Greetings to you with hope that you are doing fine over there in your country. i must thank you for your humble reply and I found it very necessary to disclose this secret to you Because it would be of mutual benefit to us and maybe you could be the right person to utilize the opportunity with me. My names are Mrs.Lilly Smith 42 years old divorced, I am from United State of America and I working as an Auditor with Barclays Bank here in America, I have been with this bank for 15 years and i have been promoted as Chief International Relation and Foreign Remittance Unit, our Address is No 1735 Market Street, Suite 3900 The Mellon Bank Building at 18th Street Philadelphia PA 19103 USA,

Prior to my position here in our bank, i have the opportunity to loot out some amount of money to your country as to be use in a Foreign investment, This money belongs to our late costumer whose died in a motor accident with his entire family on August 18, 2008 . he suddenly died without indicate anybody as his next of kin and Since his death to date, nobody has come forward to apply for claims over this fund, His money has been here in our Bank lying dormant for over Nine years, without anybody coming for the claim of it. The Banking laws here does not allow such money to stay more than 10 years.

I need someone outside United State who will come to apply as the business partner of the deceased customer so that i will complete all the claim procedures and transfer the money to the person bank account, you will get share at the ratio of 45% for you, 53% for me and 2% will be set aside to cover any expenses and tax in your bank.

The amount in question is $5,500,000.00 (Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars and I can provide all the documents from our bank to present you as the legal beneficiary to these funds only if you would accept to partner with me in this deal. I will definitely give you comprehensive details on how we would achieve this legally, without going against the laws of the country because I have worked with this bank for several years and I have taken time to study our bank inheritance claims processes. I assure you that you will never regret it if you would take the bold step to partner with me in this deal. It would be wise if we make every effort not to loose this golden opportunity. This happens in every bank around the world, even in your own country, but people outside the banking industry do not know this. Please treat this business proposal with utmost confidentiality and send me your Information(s) for further application if you are interested. Attached here is my picture.

Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Lilly Smith

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