Good News My Good Friend,
How are you? I am very happy to inform you that i have succeeded in getting my funds from the bank in UK through a partner from Senegal.

I thank you so much for trying to help me but you couldn’t because of one thing or the other but i did not forget your effort,so i am keeping an ATM Master CARD of US$250.000.00 (Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Us Dollars) for you with UBA bank of africa Dakar Senegal their email address is  ( )
, I want you to be in-contact with the bank as soon as possible and arrange with them on how they will send you the ATM CARD.

Listen, I am keeping this ATM CARD for you and your family and make sure you did not forget the less-privileges in your country because I did not forget them as well.

So, as soon as you get the ATM CARD please try and donate some of the money to any orphanage home in your country because i have donated the rest to the orphanages and less privileged people in Africa too.

I will leave you for now but do not forget to contact
the bank through through their email after going through this message now because i have written and signed the ATM CARD for you .

Do not forget to inform me as soon as you gets it because it is a gift from my good heart
Yours Friend
Mrs Clara Florette.

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