Hello dear, am sorry for my late reply to your message because i have been very busy with work. I hope you are doing great today. Thanks for the reply, it’s nice to meet you. I am Sargent Isabella Ryan, of the  United State (US) Army but Presently in Baghdad Iraq, i like you and would like to have a good relationship with you and if you are interested please reply as soon as possible for more future communications. Also I will like you to tell me more about yourself,  Where are you from….?  what language do you speak and understand. what is your job and your position in your working place?  what is your age? I will like you to tell me everything you think I need to know about you as your good friend. Sorry if I ask too much Question. I just want to know you better and as I said above  I am an American Citizen and also an American soldier and before I was serving in the Djibouti/American Army base, but right now I am leading a troop in Iraq. I will tell you more about myself too when I get your reply and please tell me more about your country. Do have a pleasant day and stay blessed. Best regards,


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