Dearest One,

Many thanks for your mail response and your concern. I am Vivian Traore
i came from Cote’d ivoire Abidjan West Africa. As i told you that i
inherited the money from my late father but the money is deposit in a
fixed deposit account with a bank here. Now I want to transfer the money
to your country for investment use because my late father made an
agreement with the bank that the money will be transferred to another
country for investment use. The Bank will accept you without problem
provide you will follow their instruction so that is not a problem. I
will attached the copies of the documents concerning this money once i
receive your full details as stated below so that you wil know that it
is legit..And the money i want to use for this investment is $3.5million

You will be in charge of the money while i continue my educations in
your Country and whatever percentage you want i am willing to give you
but just know that you are the one that will be in charge of the

I want you to assist me transfer the money to your bank account, after
the transfer, i will come over to your country in order to continue my
school and also for the investment of the money, for your assistance in
these areas i am assuring you that I will offer you 20% from the total
fund after the transfer while 10% will be for any expenses that might
incure during the transaction if their will be any while the rest will
be for the investment programme.

I will like you to send your details as listed below to me so that i
will introduce you to the bank first.

1. Your full name and address
2. Your direct telephone
3. Age, marital status and occupation
4. Tell me little about your past business or working experiences
5. Scan copy of your passport or photo

with this information’s, i will introduce you to the bank as my guardian
and the person that will receive the money in his bank account. Then i
will ask the bank manager the next step to follow.

I am hiding in a local hotel right now because i don’t want my uncle to
see me. My uncle is very very wicked, he wants me dead so that he will
take my entire late father’s properties. Immediately the transfer is
done, i will get my visa and come over to your country without any delay
I must tell you that I am very much happy for your kind response to my

This is my photos and in your next mail i will send you the scan
documents of the money for you to see and confirm yourself.

Yours Needy Love
Vivian Traore

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