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Attn: Fund Beneficiary,

I am Hon (Barr) Nelson Borman, Attorney General of United Nations Compensation Commission South Africa. I contacted you for the Approved Compensation sum of US$2,500,000.00 Dollars in your name that supposed to be paid to you in the year 2014/2016 UN COMPENSATION ALLOCATION SCHEME.

The compensation benefit is allocated to people that had unfinished fund transaction in the past. Hope you have suspended/unfinished fund transaction in Africa, Europe, UK, Asia and USA years ago; I am in good position to assist in order to receive the fund to your country without any problem.

The payment will be by ATM Visa or Master Card etc which the fund will be credited into and send to your address. Kindly contact me immediately on the below information together with your full details:

Contact Person: Hon (Barr) Nelson Borman

Email: barristernelsonborman@gmail.com       

Direct Tel: +27734423965

I need your urgent response for more details on the best and quick way to have the fund in your custody.

Your urgent response is highly needed.

Hon (Barr) Nelson Borman
Attorney General United Nations
Compensation Commission
Johannesburg, South Africa.

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