Dear Good Friend,

Just quite a long silence.With hope all is well with you and your
family over there, I wish to inform you that I have finally achieved
the project of which I contacted you to come forward to assist me on.
A Mongolia by name Nascimento Sharon Dino mind was touched to effect
the project by assisting both financially and morally to transfer the
fund to account in his country Mongolia. Recently, I am in Mongolia
taking treatment because I was advised to try their hospital on
matters concerning Diabetes and high blood pressure problem.

I may not be communicating with you always as I will be going under
major surgical operation and of which I am not sure of surviving.No
matter what the situation may look like I still give thanks to God for
everything because he answered my prayer by keeping me alive to
witness that this money was used for the future.

However, my mind was touched to appreciate your effort with the sum of
$300,000 in making sure that this noble transaction was accomplished,
though you couldn’t make it but i understood your sincere mind and
willingness to assist and that’s why I have drafted a cheque of
$300,000 Dollars to compensate you and also to appreciate your
eagerness. Right now you have to contact Andre Diop of UBA BANK
SENEGAL whom I have handed the cashier’s cheque of $300,000 to
release it to you as i have prepared the cheque with your information.

Contact Andre Diop

Contact him and you have to make a choice of the safer means of
sending the cheque to you, this is because I cannot send out money
through any means out here in Mongolia, for easy sending and receiving
of funds. Confirm to me as soon as you receive this cashier’s
cheque, so that I can know that the Andre Diop really delivered it
to you.

Thanks and God bless.

Susan Helms.

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