Hello My Dear
How are you today? i will like to be kind and honest with you, i am a
woman that have seen life, i have been in the social circle for many
years, although achievements does not matter much to me, what matters to
me is peace, happiness. I’ve been hardworking all my life, i must think
of something better, to enjoy my life and probably have a family , maybe
relocate and start investing in other things. So I have to explain
myself, I’m Sebrina Jean, born in France by french parents. My family
migrated out of France to England when I was barely 12 years old. I’m an
Auditor; working for Al Rayan Bank Plc h​​ere in London, formerly
Islamic Bank of Britain Plc. But life hasn’t been so rosy beyond career
fame, I recently lost my 4 years old daughter to illness, then my
husband (now divorced) quickly got married to a different woman without
my consent. Why I divorced him; he accused me of been so busy with work
to the detriment of family.. He was too impatient to have another child
and never considered me one bit. Anyway, it’s over between us, I am
happy alone because I have everything I need especial peace of the mind.
You see why I’m planning relocation to a different country just to
forget my frustrations and give a chance to life as private personality
by getting into the Investors circle. While in your country, I want to
own my own firm in the finance & services sector. Please tell me about
yourself too? We can associate and team up for something good. Also tell
me about your career life. I want to hear from you soon.
Says – Sebrina xx

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