DHL International Benin
Address : Carre Tiko Street Cotonou.
Tel: (00229)

Dear ATM package Owner,

We are in possession of your atm card
package valued at $1.5 Million United States Dollars, my name is Mr. Marx
Nakpon ( DHL company manager )

The package was brought to us by the finance
minister / United Nation Humanitarian representative body and we are using this
opportunity to inform you that you have two days to comply with us to enable
your package convey to you without further delay .
What it will cost you is
$105.00 for the delivery clearance charges ( DCC) which involve shipment fee ,
insurance coverage and others and no other fee will be required.

We need your
delivery address and telephone number and kindly use the below informations to
send the required fee via western union or money gram , you can send it via
money remit also .

Receiver name : Sammuel Chukwu
Country : Republic of
City: Cotonou
Address : Carre 897 Eric estate Cotonou
Telephone :
00229 65728686

Important note : Your package must surely be deliver to you
within. The next three working as soon as you send the required fee .
and remain bless ,
Mr. Marx Nakpon

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