Salutation Are you looking for a serious relationship? I am look. First
I will tell you where I get your e-mail. I turned to a dating agency. I
tell them the criteria for my search. They give me your email. I hope
you still continue to look for a true love with a woman? I do not just
look for flirt? I want to find the right man with whom we will have a
long relationship. I’ve made many mistakes in choosing a man in real
life. If you seek a serious relationship, then I ask you to write me. I
want to briefly tell about me. My age is 33 y.o. I’m a brunette. My
height is 174 Cm. My whole 52 kg. I’m single. I have never been married.
No have children. If you answer me, then in the next report I will send
you my photo. I hope I’m interested in you? If I’m not interested in
you, then just ignore my message. And I’ll never answer to you. But I
hope that you still want to find your serious relationship. I want. I
hope you respond to me. Olgunya,

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