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TNT Express Delivery ltd
The Old Truman Brewery,
11 Hanbury Street, Cotonou . Benin Republic .

Hello Valued Customer,

We are a privately owned company, established in the West Midlands since 1979.Over 25 years we have gained a wealth of experience in the express haulage industry.

Our reputation has been built on our commitment to customer service and quality, and by working closely with customers to forge long standing relationships.

We are also glad to acknowledge the receipt of your email.This is to inform you that we are in possession of a certified cheque and a brand new Toyota Prius Car which is to be couriered/shipped to you.It is the usual practice of our organisation to conduct a proper verification of all parcels that we are to deliver to ensure that they are valid.

Be rest assured that your cheque has been confirmed valid and true and delivery will
be made once you have met the necessary requirements.

We are a well established company offering courier and transport services
24 hour a day for priority delivery of letters, parcels and consignments to
any destination by road, air or sea. We have a substantial team of couriers
available for motorcycle despatch plus van driver couriers in all size
vehicles from small vans up to 7.5 tonne and international couriers for
despatch by road, sea or air.

We have been provided with two orders by the Toyota Car Award Team to
deliver to you via our courier and shipping unit.Below is our courier
delivery charge for the delivery of your certified check and your car
shipping charges (Delivery destination must be made known to us in your
next correspondence), you are required to adhere to every instruction
below.Note that we do not operate Cash On Delivery Method(C.O.D) due to
company ethics.Moreover the below charges cannot be deducted from the prize
and hence must be provided by you before your prize is delivered to
you.This was done by the management of the Lottery company for security
reasons to reserve the sole right for you to cash whenever desired. You are
to choose from the below delivery and it’s associated charges.

Administrative Charges For Check Delivery:
Aministrative Charges………………………..$140.00

Courier Charges……………….$101.00

Administrative Charges For Car Shipping:
Administrative Charge………..$320.00
Tax and Insurance……………$520.00
Shipping Fee………………..$210.00

However,the Toyota Car Award Team has informed this office that you are entitled to borne one(1) of the above charges and they will take care of
whichever option you decide to leave,in otherwords you are to make a choice from the above mode of delivery and inform this office which ever mode suits you so we can comence delivery.

Note-Any option chosen by you is safe and appropriate,the Toyota Car Award Team will take care of one of the delivery,moreso your prize is protected by a hardcover insurance policy and fully bonded, which makes it impossible to deduct any amount from the money before it has been remitted to you.

All orders not delivered within Five(5) working days from this
communication will be returned. Please ensure that you confirm your delivery address.We are glad to be of service to you.

Max Bill
Head-Customer Services
TNT Delivery Service

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