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Glad to share our NEW DIY LED Module Light (Driverless Type in Private Mold) with you:

1.Driverless/DOB solution in stable Performance.High lumen up to 110LM/W.

2.Multi-function. It can be assembled (DIY) to LED Street Light, LED Linear Light, LED High-pole Lamp, LED Stadium Lamp, LED Tunnel Light, and LED Flood Light etc. based on actual demands.

2. Easy to assemble. The client can import CKD directly, which can reduce the import duty and stock.

3. Various beam angle available, 30°,60°,80*150° Symmetrical angle.

4. Lower maintenance & replacement cost, which can bring customers the greater benefits.

5. Warranty: 6 Years.

Welcome for any samples and small trial order for testing. 5-7 working days for sample delivery time.

Should you have any questions pls do not hesitate to contact us, thanks.

Direct Line: +86-0755-29573578
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