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Shenzhen Swaroniki Technology Co.,Ltd is professional supplier of handheld inkjet printer.

Following is our new hot sale product:
We have two types of handheld inkjet printer:
1. handheld inkjet printer with solvent ink. It can print on papers, cartons, plastics, glasses, woods, steels pipes, metals, etc.
Solvent ink printer:
1 set: USD405
20 set: USD355

2. handheld inkjet printer with water-based ink. It can only print on papers and cartons.
Water-based ink printer
1 set: USD355
20 set: USD299

Above price includes 1pc handheld printer, 1pc ink cartridge, 1pc charger, 1pc U-disk.
We can provide more ink cartridge.
1pc solvent ink cartridge: USD44
1pc waterbased ink cartridge:USD38

Samples are available. Any interests please come to me for more information.

Best regards,
Sara shen

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