Hello my friend Elias!
As you probably already understood, Ekaterina writes to you. I am very glad to receive your letter!
I apologize for the delay in my reply, but I think this is the last time.
I am really very happy with what you wrote to me!
In addition, I hope that my email was a big surprise for you as well as for me !?
You probably have a question now? Where did I get your email address? I turned to a dating service in our city.
The computer in the dating service found me several email addresses that match my request, these are men of foreign countries.
I first looked at the email addresses and decided to send you the first message. I hope you have time to talk with me.
I want to tell you why I decided to use the Internet!
The fact is that my friend Alina, found a future husband through the Internet! Her husband's name is Gary, and they now live together in Australia!
Alina and Gary are very happy together! I know how much they love each other, and I am very happy for them!
You probably have a question now? Why didn’t I find myself a Russian man?
I will be very serious and honest, and I will answer you that I had a friend from Russia from my city of Orenburg and I loved him very much,
but he found himself another girl, and broke off his relationship with me!
I also want to say that he was very fond of drinking alcohol, like many people in Russia, maybe you know about this?
From alcohol, I can only afford to drink a glass of good wine on holidays!
I do not smoke cigarettes. I take care of my health, and the health of my unborn children!
I just do not have any bad habits! Also I want to take it to my friend Alina!
She also has no bad habits. She told me that men of foreign countries really appreciate this in women, as well as themselves!
Do you respect women? Alina chose her husband Gary from Australia, because she can speak and write English,
and I, just as she can speak and write in English, and I, like her, decided to find a man from abroad.
I really want to tell you a lot more about myself! I am 32 years old, my zodiac sign is "Taurus",
I was born on May 5, 1988. Tell me when is your birthday !?
I am a Russian girl by nationality. My religion is Christianity. I believe in God Jesus.
I have never been married and have no children. I am a sensitive, and very kind girl.
I also want to tell you about the city where I live! My city name is Orenburg.
Orenburg is located 1458 kilometers from our Russia Capital - Moscow.
Orenburg is a very beautiful city and I love my wonderful city very much!
In our city there are a lot of beautiful streets and attractions.
You probably know that it is often cold in Russia, and our weather often makes people dress in warm clothes !?
It depends on the season of the year of course. Also I wonder what your weather is !?
My favorite season of the year is summer! When the sun is very bright and birds are singing, nature is very beautiful at this time!
It's very romantic! Do you like summer? In the summer, my mood is at its best :-)
I also really want to tell you about my education!
I studied at the Medical University. And I graduated from the university in 2011, it was at the university that I learned English well. But I think that I will still make mistakes! :-)
And if we analyze these errors together, I can know English even better!
I hope that you will not refuse my help? :-) Therefore, forgive me in advance if I make mistakes! Excuse me? :-)
I also want to say that after graduation, I received a diploma in the specialty of "doctor pediatrician." I graduated from Orenburg State Medical University.
But unfortunately I was not able to continue my medical career, because here in Russia, as in many other countries,
it is very difficult to find a good job in my specialty.
And now I work as a waitress in a bar, although I am a doctor by training. I like working in our bar,
and our visitors are very good people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet!
The computer, which is located in the office of our boss, in our bar. The thing is, I don’t have a computer in my house,
and I have to use my boss's computer.
I wrote so much to you! I did not think that I could tell you so much and write about myself!
I am finishing my email to you. I will be grateful if you also tell about yourself!
I would like you to tell me about your family, it will be interesting for me to know everything!
Oh my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 53 kg and my height is 163 cm!
Also write me your weight, height, tell about your city where you live, I have never been to other countries!
And I will be very glad to know more about your country!
I am adding my photos and I hope you like them! :-)
I hope to see your answer soon!
Regards, Your new Russian friend, Ekaterina.

Hi there my great new friend! 
My buddies call me Ecaterina, I am thirty-two years old, I'm living in Russia. I am actually  a truly outgoing girl who happens to be looking for a committed and as well , affectionate gentleman, my own better half. I was presented with your contact email in a date matching bureau of my place. Now i'm only trying to find a true love, teasing around & adventures are definitely not in my position. In the event that i grabbed your main awareness and simply communication far away is not going to a concern for you personally, after that why don't we keep going. If this is an issue, just dismiss my email message. I wish you a very good day and a great mood. I am going to anticipate your response with the pic. 
Yours Truly, Ekaterina.

Howdy my fresh new comrade! 
I am Ekaterina, I am thirty-two years old, I am residing Russia. I am actually  an extremely outgoing female who is in search of a committed and simply romantic fella, my personal best half. I was presented with your own e-mail in a date matching office of my region. So i am simply need a true romance relationship, flirting around and game typically are not for me. If i captured your own interest and so connection far away isn't going to be a concern for yourself, then simply let us continue. If perhaps that is an obstacle, simply pay no attention to my letter. I wish you a very good day time and a lovely state of mind. I'll look ahead to your message together with your photo. 
Best regards, Caterina.

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