first want say thank you for respond Bomhardt. its really pleasant.
I don't know what else to tell you, since my first email on the internet.
I want you to ask me what interests you.
I also have a few questions to you Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?
Who do you live with?
I wanted to warn you that I lonely girl. I do not like impose yourself.
True Love to me is about the joy that comes from making the other happy,
and if both have this ideal, love is a carefully tended garden that grows in beauty, never withers, never dies…
I'll tell you a few words about myself. My full name Alena.
i was born 30th august 1983 year. to me 36 years old.
I lonely for a long time.
I was not married and I have no children! So that you have an idea
about me, with my letter I sent my photos.
I live in Russia. about my city and other things i will write next
letter. i promise you. I think that distance is for you irrelevant.
If we have mutual interest then we can see you without any problems.
Now planes fly to anywhere in the world and all this happens very quickly.
I simple girl and looking for a man with whom I will not feel loneliness.
I easy to communicate and tuned to a serious relationship!
I think that we will be able to learn more about each other and get
closer soon. write  me soon. have good day and good mood. Stay warm.

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