Hello My Dearest Kevin Kitzler
Thanks for your response. I am so happy to send you message.It really makes me happy.I will be glad to let you know more about me.I originally from liberia.I came from a polygamous family that is my father married two wives and my mother was the first wife but unfortunately my parents died on fatal motor accident when i was so tender in age so i was brought up by my step mother who was so harsh and brutal to me because she had no child.Because of her maltreatment to me so i had to run from my country to Senegal where i am currently seeking assylum.I am the only child to my parents.I am still single young lady seeking for real and genuine relationship.I have met so many unserious men online and all they only want from a woman is naked photos.I am a very responsible and reasonable young lady who knows what she wants.I am ready to relocate from here to meet my love where ever he is.I am emotional and loving in nature.Very kind and romantic.I like outing with my man and sight seeing.I am looking for a one woman man who will love and cherish me.I hate lies and a womaniser.I pray that you wil be the right man of my dreams. I hate when some one plays with my emotions.I agree to be your woman and please do not break my heart.You can understand and see my situations here so life here is so difficult and hard here and i need someone who will love and take good care of me.Solve my problems and supply me daily needs.I have no father,mother,uncle or relative so i am looking for a man who will be eveything to me and make my world so bright.Please can i hear more about you with your personal photos.
Yours Sincere friend






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