Hello my Rafael,

Hello my Rafael, Love, I ran into not entirely clear technical problems with my computer. I had to call a computer repairman. Luckily, I didn't lose my data, but I lost access to my email address. I created a new one and I will only write from this. I hope you can write to me as soon as possible. I will wait for your early reply.

Your  Anastasiya

Hello my Rafael, How are you? How is your health? How is your mood? I miss you a lot. Disperse all of these terrible strange stupid worries and fears of mine. Please tell me that you are well. Please tell me that you think about and waiting my letter. I think you didn't have time to answer immediately. Please tell me what should I do! Tell me what made you to keep silence and did not answer me? I need your answer to be assured -expectation and uncertainty frighten me... I wish you good day.

Your  Anastasiya

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