how are you feeling? I long thought, write you this letter or not, since maybe you are not free and you have another girl. But despite this, I decided to try that it is worth trying, because no one knows where to find your luck. And to find your luck, are you want to be optimistic and believe in a happy future. My name is - Nastya. Im from Russian Federation and I'm 30 years old. Im good-natured, honest, constant girl. Im undemanding and general social. Im communication skills girl. Doing improving and i independent. I play sports and I lively for life. I looking for love in nearest future. I hope, what's ours plans for the future similar and then we can start our communication. I hope on the fact that our dialogue it is not a game and expect, what will it be in earnest, because no time for stupidity. I anxiety and I don't want to make a mistake again, but I cheerful for life and believe, what will happen good. hope, that I didn't make a mistake are you. hope, what I did true choice. Uniquely I understand that serious relationships under construction not at the same time, for this he needs time! But if, are you not look serious relationship, there's no point in answering that text. anyway I wish you happiness and good. attach for you my photo. If you are interested in me, I will glad see you reply letter! :) 
Good luck. Nastya.


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