How are you? I long doubted, write you this letter or not, because maybe are you are not free and you have another girl. But despite this, I decided that it is worth trying, because no one knows where to find your luck. And to find your happiness, are you need to be optimistic and believe in a happy future. Call me - Anastasiya. Im from Russia and I'm 30 years old. Im good-natured, pure, true girl. Im tolerant and general social. Im sincerity the woman. Doing improving and i established personality. I play sports and I lively for life. I in search serious relationships in nearest future. I believe, what's ours intentions a similar and then we can start our communication. I believe on the fact that our dialogue it is not a game and believe, what will it be earnestly, because no time for stupidity. I anxiety and I don't want to make a mistake again, but I optimist for life and hope, what will happen good. expect, that I didn't make a mistake you. expect, what I did correct choice. Of course I understand that family being built not immediately, for this he needs time! But if, are you not look woman to start a family, there's no point in answering that letter. in any case I wish you happiness and good. will send for you my photo card. If you are interested in me, I will glad see you response! :) 
have a Nice day. Nastya.


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