How are you, I am very gladto write a letter for acquaintance. 
I am very sorry if that letter is very bothering you. 
I am single and tired. 
Some of My friends told me to use the internet to search for new man. 
I am hope it will be a very important action that will change all my life. 
I never used this way of acquaintance and so little confused what to do and write. 
If you are also will be interest ed in the continue in our conversation, I'll be very glad to read about you more info. 
I very much doubt that is need to write about me in the first time. 
In a start I probably need to write about my name - am Anastasiya. 
I active, sociable, industrious, open and genuine girl. 
I wish to find a kind ly, brave, honest, caring and loving man. 
These properties, I consider the most important, and I think it is about you. 
If you are still interested, then I think that we can begin a great conversation that will make happyglad ful both of us. 
Write me quickly, because I too would like to know about you, about your lifestyle and your mind. 
I also wish to wanna see much your different fotos. 
Therefore, I send you my foto. I hope you enjoy it all and we can now more often and interest ing chat. this is my email .
All the best, Anastasiya


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