Hello. I am sure that you didn't expect me to write you a letter first. Probably, you have a question why I write the letter exactly to you? I don't know, probably because want to make the first step. What do you think, I'm interested in your opinion? Today is a wonderful day for our acquaintance? In my opinion, today is wonderful day. I hope you will be happy if I tell you about myself? Let's start, my parents gave me a name Anna, but many of my colleagues and acquaintances prefer to call me Anya. I was born and raised in Ukraine, in a small town Mariupol. Have you heard about my country before? Where you live? I would be interested to know how far we are from each other. I forgot to say, now I am 29 y.o, I hope that you are not confused by my age, very soon I will have an anniversary, I will be 30 years old. I have never smoked, and have a negative attitude to drugs. I don't drink strong alcohol, but I can drink a glass of champagne on the occasion of the holiday. I think that ordinary girl, and for me is not simply praise myself and tell about my strengths and weaknesses. Frankly, I can say that I do not consider myself a special woman. I'm not afraid to ruin my manicure when doing household chores or cooking breakfast. I don't like using too much makeup, but I will always want to look feminine and beautiful for my second half. I think you're interested in knowing what kind of man I want to find, and why I decided to write you my letter? The answer is simple. I am looking for a man who could be my reliable friend and a guide in future life. And I immediately must say that my intentions are sincere and I want to have a long-term perspective. I want to find a man with whom I can build a trusting relationship in which there is place for discussion and compromise. I want to meet a simple, and honest person who can take me as I am. A person who can understand me with all my faults and virtues. Who will appreciate me and with understanding treat me and my work. Probably you will be interested to know that my profession is a chiropractor, and I work in my specialty for 5 years. I hope that you have nothing against my profession:) I am constantly trying to learn something new in my work, and get useful experience. Therefore, I often attend seminars in my country and abroad. I got a lot of good impressions from such seminars and had the opportunity to make friends with colleagues from other countries. I realized that the world is very diverse and multi-ethnic. All people are different and differ from each other not only in appearance, but also in behavior. But, unfortunately, many men are just looking for quick sex and are not set serious relationship. Perhaps this was the main reason for me to start looking for my man online. It would be great if our desires are the same and we will continue to communicate. I will be very interested if you tell me about your hobbies, whether you have bad habits and how you spend your free time. I am sending you my photos and I will be happy if you reply me with a photo too. I wish you a good mood and a wonderful day. I hope that your response will not take to wait a long time. Best wishes, Anya.


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