Hello. Have you already bought supplies for the end of days:) I have a supply of toilet paper, medical masks, and a month's supply of food, but I'm bored of spending time alone. It is very good that we do not need to hide in a bunker and we can communicate with the outside world. I write to you from home, and try to diversify my everyday self-isolation. I think that most people are sitting at home now, and now is the time to start new acquaintances and new communication. Do you also stay at home this time? I would never have thought that this spring the streets would be so empty and deserted. We live in a difficult time, and this moment is now understood by every citizen of the planet. I would very much like to hear from you, what is your current situation? I hope you will be happy if I tell you about myself? Let's start, my parents gave me a name Anna, but many of my colleagues and acquaintances prefer to call me Anya. I was born and raised in Ukraine, in a small town Mariupol. Have you heard about my country before? Where you live? I would be interested to know how far we are from each other. I forgot to say, now I am 29 y.o, I hope that you are not confused by my age, very soon I will have an anniversary, I will be 30 years old. I have never smoked, and have a negative attitude to drugs. I don't drink strong alcohol, but I can drink a glass of champagne on the occasion of the holiday. I think that ordinary girl, and for me is not simply praise myself and tell about my strengths and weaknesses. Frankly, I can say that I do not consider myself a special woman. I'm not afraid to ruin my manicure when doing household chores or cooking breakfast. I don't like using too much makeup, but I will to look feminine and beautiful anytime. I think you're interested in knowing why I decided to write you my letter? For me, the answer is obvious, I have traveled a lot, and I realized that Dating is never superfluous. I think that it will be interesting for both of us to communicate and share our opinions about everything that is happening. I am a woman with an active life position, and I am interested in communicating with people who share my views and priorities. I am a person with whom it is easy to communicate on any topic and there is always something to talk about in these boring days. If you now feel that you are also looking for such an acquaintance, I will be glad to receive letter from you. I wish you a wonderful day and good health.


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