Hello. Dear stranger, I wish to see how much you are interesting in searching and familiarity with new and wonderful girl?
My name is Olga. I am hope to your like my pic. I am also looking someone with which my life will calm and astonishing.
I am very merry, kindly and positive girl. But I am still have alone and yet very tired of kind of life.
So I went to a dating agency and got you email.
In fact, I'm looking for real man for a serious relationship and even marriage in future.
The most important is my goal - I wish to search a lover to my lonely life.
I very much hope that you are precisely this a man.
I'll be happy if we will find our common interests and our meeting is most great moment in our future life.
Now I do not know how much you are interested in continuing our talking therefore more detail I'll talk about myself later.
I'll wait for your answer. See you soon, Olga.

Why don't you want to write me a letter. I really like to talk with
you, but why did you decide not to write to me ??? I can not
understand . I really look forward to hearing from you! Yours Olga
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