Hello Patrick, 

Good morning and it’s nice to read from you, I trust you are doing good this morning and it’s my pleasure to read from you. My name is Carla, I am from Hamburg Germany, I am 32 years old, single and trying to have a serious relationship that’s going to be leading to somewhere someday. I am a fun to be with person and like a nice, romantic, caring and honest man. 

I am sorry about your past experiences with women, a lot of people get hurt including me but I am also over my heart break now and ready to give love a chance again. 

I like a lot of things and also a music lover, we have that in common, I am down to earth, compassionate and also an adventurous person I like to try new things and have this fantasy of trying everything at least once before I die. 

I am an art consultant, specializing in the sales of artwork mostly paintings. Also into bitcoin mining. I do that in my free time and can make money for you through that because I invest for people and they get their payouts in a matter of days. 

  I must say we have a lot in common even with the way you think and see life. I also believe age is just a number and what matters is the feeling towards the other person. When I love a person, I am always so in love and into the person that nothing else matters to me in the world than the person.

I hope to meet you in person someday, here is a picture of me and I also hope to read from you soon.  I also sent you a message on google hangout but you haven’t replied to that.. it’s easier to get to know each other that way because we can get to chat. 

I hope you have a good and productive day. It’s nice to meet you again 



Hello Patrick 
How are you doing today? I hope all is going good over there? I didn’t get a reply from you and I was wondering why that could be. Anyways I trust you are fine and I also hope to read from you soon 
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