Hello Mr.Cornelius  
With great gratitude to the almighty God, I am writing to inform you that after a brief legal Huddles,We have finally succeeded in transferring the investment funds  to a bank in South Korea, with the assistance of a new partner,whom based on agreement  received 20% of the entire funds for his financial involvement and efforts.

Presently my new partner is in South Korea, to establish an electronic company project on my behalf with my own share.

Nevertheless, I did not forget all the effort you made to complete the process but failed somehow. Notwithstanding, I have a surprise package for you.

Contact my new partner Family Friend lawyer whom assist us during the transaction,  he live in Benin republic his name is Advocate Frank Dumba

Email him at:(

I have instructed him to direct you on how you would receive the sum of one Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars only ($150,000.00).which I set out as Your Compensation.The sum is Gazetted in an ATM VISA CARD.

Kindly accept it in good faith.I believe you can utilize it to support yourself and your family.

I pray that by his grace we would meet someday, so feel free and get in touch  with Advocate Frank Dumba. He will send the CARD to you without any delay.

I remain your true friend.And still with the US ARMY.

 Kind regards,

 Capt.Kristen G 
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