Here's the thing... I received your contact info from my colleague at the bank.
She said you might be interested in a stock tip. I cannot go into too
many details but this company's stock is about to go nuts. It's
basically going to at least triple or quadruple in the next few weeks.
Definitely before Christmas.

Please take a look at the chart now, you'll see that it has in fact
already more than doubled in the last few days alone, that's because I
am not the only one with the information and people are getting wind
of it.

However if you act now, you can still buy shares at a good price and
ride it up for a few hundred percent profits!

Company name: Zevotek, Inc
Symbol: ZVTK (this is what you need to put in your brokerage account to buy)

If you want in, I recommend you do it today before the price shoots higher.

Best Regards,
Mary, CBC Consulting

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