This is real me (pics attached below ) .  .My name is Cassandra and I am 27 .I'm from Italy (Torino) but I live in Cologne since  almost three months. I decided to find someone on dating platforms because till now i met in pubs and other public places only rude men  so online we have the advantage that we can chat and  know each other a little bit so we can decide if  we are compatible to meet face to face or not .. I would like to know you a little bit more if you do not we live really close ..hmm now i want to know you better .. .I want to clarify from the begining a thing : i think we both know that on the internet are a lot of bad people .. I AM NOT A BAD PERSON OR A ROBBER OR A PROSTITUTE . ..i am not from here so i do not speak that language so good .. i am still learning but now  i help myself using a translator from google sometimes ..The reason I moved here is to help my sister which lives here and to give her some moral support because her husband died (car accident) and she is very sad and also too busy with all the stuff and her job ..she is a dentist so she is pretty busy so i help her as much as i can.sometimes i am with her on her dental cabinet so I might not be online so often .. about me i graduated the law college and also the master and i had planned to start my profession but if this incident happend with my sister I decided to moved and do my job here. . I am a honest person and i would like you to be like me . I have my home next to my sister but i do not like to live alone so i would like to have a man in my house sometimes and maybe in life if all goes well between Us but for the moment i need someone for regular sex..

About me I am ALSO SINGLE as you already know ..I was married for two years but i do not have ex-husband  started to drink verry much alcohol and started to be  agresive and I could not get over it so I decided to leave him. Here I came to my sister because she need me and I also felt the need for a change in my life. I'm going back to Italy after 6 months to divorce.. in fact  i think he loved me because of my money .. i have a very good condition if we talk about money so he liked that..that is what al my family members told me.. . Right now, I need someone to spent quality time with ; both in terms of good conversation as well as good sex once we're comfortable with each other enough for that. I am looking for a man who fully satisfies me, both in the sexual and in the mental. In fact, I am of the opinion that once a person's mind has been conquered, getting to the body is an obvious and even more satisfying consequence, at least I tried to do it, always in my life. I have a question for you which is very important to me because i want to see the way you think .. What is the most important thing for you when you evaluate a woman ? her personality or her body  ?

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