Greetings, my lovely friend. 
I think it will be nice to let you know that I want to create strong relationship. 
I`m not going to waste my time with a not serious human who seeks sex and naked pictures. 
I am single for one year and since this time I`ve come across into only crazy maniacs and sex-hunters for 1 night on the Internet. 
I am a literate lady who wants to have a lifelong relationship in another country, since the time i want to leave this country forever. 
I am Masha. I am afore thirty five and I live in a large city in Ukraine. 
I expect you have some general ideas about my country. I am a qualified doctor and have a job in a private clinic in this city. 
I have already travelled to different countries many times and now I want to change the country. 
Maybe it will be your country ...) I believe you will read this letter thoroughly. If you are an straight and outspoken man, I am looking forward to your e-mail. 
Though, if you as other guys do not know what is real love and think only about physical satisfaction, please, do not bother me. 
Anyway, I will understand it from your letters. 
That`s why I would be glad to know as much as possible about you, your thoughts and your lifestyle. 
As for me, I can assure you that I will be so honest and straight in my letters as it only possible. 
If we like each other, we will meet at once, it`s not a problem these days. 
Please write me to this address: 
Hope to hear from you soon, Maria.

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