Hello Karl! Thank you very much for your sweet letter and I am sorry for my late response.  You know I have just found your letter in a spam box. I will tell you more about myself. I am a teacher of English andI love my work a lot. I have been teaching for last 5 years and I really like it. I have a little daughter and I love her a lot too! She is my sunshine. She is 4 years old and her name is Margarita. I love nature and being out. I love hiking, it brings me a lot of pleasure to sit on the bank of a lake or a river and gaze water....I think nature is magnificent! I dream of seeing the mountains! I have never seen them. I adore cooking and I would love to cook for you one day. 

What about you? Your likes? Dislikes? 
I am here because I am looking for love and relationships. I am looking for sweet and romantic man who knows how to treat a woman. I am ready to give all my unspent love to a special one! 
Maybe it is you? ))) 


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