Hello xxx , good evening and i hope your day was fine and progressively huh. I really appreciate reading from you and also having a detailed information about you. Wow you are a German and you have not travel out of your country all your life , i will like you to tell me more about your job as you said it is your first work and also the last one, so i will like to know your position there in your company? We really have sometimes in common when it comes to our likes. I also like Rock and some other musics.

I really will like you to share some of your experiences with the German women? Are you saying there are no more good women in German and that are origin of Germany? So how long have you been searching for this special man to marry? I really must confess that you really sound very good from your message and i just hope you are as you have portrayed yourself for.  I'm happy to know that distance is never a barrier to your relationship which i also believe is also not a barrier to mine too. I believe that what matters about relationship is mutual respect , understanding , trust , truthfulness , honesty , sincerity , open minded , faithfulness , committed , believe and good communication which is the major key to every successful relationship you see in this life today. I will like to tell you more about me so you will know if you are still interested in me again.

My names are Deloris Mary Nelms , Originally from Denver Colorado , a widow with no kids , i'm 35 years old and will be turning 36 by 28th November. i'm a Nurse and i work with Non governmental charity organization as a supervisor and i do sometimes serve as the Paramedic Nurse when the person in charge is not available , Presently in Miami Florida. I like nature , i like anything about water , i'm an adventurer , i like indoors and outdoors activities very well. I like honesty , sincerity , truthfulness , smiles , laughing , sports and i do exercise every morning just to keep fit and healthy , i like to give and receive orally. I will add my pictures for you and i will look forward to see yours too, also to have more details about you. please do take good care of yourself for me and i will like look forward to see your pictures soon. Cheers Mary.....

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