Hello dear companion ,.
I discovered your email address on dating web page. Over time I did not venture to communicate with you.
What do you think of the woman that corresponds to you ahead? Can you imagine this? In ordinary life, I am furthermore timid.
I am SVETLANA. My home country is Russia and I am 34 years old. I work as a dentist of the utmost category and it is a practice in a big private medical center in my city. I labor a lot as many clients rely on me. Sometimes I carry out complex operations to full reinstate the jaw after an emergency. I have 3 diplomas for proficient education of a dentist in other countries. I labored insistenly and hence could not create robust relationship. Currently I decided to search out for a partner who will be fair with me and provide me the love, he has, and dearness!
The story of my ex-relations finished 1 year ago and all along I tried to create a couple on web sites. Nevertheless I greeted just freaks who needs barely sexual intercourse and nude snapshots. I believe that you are not such a man and you are sincerely interested in a long-term relationship. If you are not ready for this, thereat I beg you not to reply my letter. Ok?
If you write me, then in my next email I will tell you more about my life. In your letter, I plead you to tell me where you inhabit, the name of your city and your amusement. I really wish to know more about you. I promise that I will always respond you and relate you a lot about 
my life. I am forwarding you my photo and do hope you like me. please write to me at this email address !!!
Watching for the next letter as quickly as possible, Sveta
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