Hello Dear. How was your day? My name is Nata. I'm afore 35. I live in UA(ukraine). I am still lonely and got no kids. I realize the fact, I am anymore a small lady, thus I hanged out my profile on this dating service. I understand that I simply need to switched my life and retrieve my man. As you could realize, I have no faith in freaksand silly plays. I am there to find a worthy person. I actually expect that you arean Intelligent person and we are searching for the similar thing. I hate the stupid acts that men play on web-sites. If I interested you, then I ask you in the coming letter to tell as far as possible about your life.

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I will be waiting impatiently for your reply. Natashulya,

Hello Nata, it is always difficult to introduce yourself to another person. If you write too euphorically, you are considered a show-off. If you write too defensively, you are a loser who is without self-confidence and self-confidence. That's why I try to describe myself as objectively as possible, which is already an art in itself. I am 48 years old and I think I have done well. I hardly drink alcohol, I do not smoke and I have nothing to do with drugs at all. I also try to eat a healthy diet, but I do not give anything up. No, I'm not a vegetarian. I eat everything I like, but there are rules that I take note of.I maintain a circle of friends, some of whom are from my youth, some of whom are due to my professional environment. It happens that as a working person you spend a long time a day with other people. This creates connections. Sometimes they are narrower, sometimes a bit loose. But among my co-workers there are a few that I like and like. From my youth, it is the boys with whom I played football. A sailing trip on the Rhine also connects us with a small sailing boat. That was very exciting and exciting for us, because we were only 16 years old and were actually allowed to do this tour alone, which was not dangerous. I am a vocational teacher by profession and a teacher in adult education. So I do not work with children and teenagers, but with young adults and real adults. It never occurred to me that I would become a primary school teacher or high school teacher. My career path I would go so often, because he makes fun and I learn every day again something to do so. Because many of my students have a lot of work and life experience themselves. In my spare time I like to make handicrafts. I like buying old things and then restoring them. Nowadays, it is announced that you put retro items in the apartment or otherwise used. What we dumped 40 years ago today is modern and everyone wants it. So I go to flea markets a lot, buy me the there for little money to acquire items and work them up. Not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of technology. Often, the items are no longer usable and that is something that incites me. It has to work again. In the evening I go to the sport. Handball, football or gymnastics. I'm very flexible and that's because I'm not just sitting around, I'm active. Whoever rested, rusts. That's one of our many proverbs here in Germany. And there is something true about that. For the moment, I can not tell anymore. I hope very much that you could get a first impression of me and now I know who you are dealing with. I am very curious how our connection will develop. Because of the distance, I have no worries. That is to be regulated and I am sure that we find here ways and means to be able to meet if necessary and on request sometimes in person. Writing e-mails and exchanging pictures is one thing, standing face to face with each other is another thing. Maybe you like what you will hear. I send you a nice greeting and wish you a nice day. Konstantin


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