How will you spend your weekend? I wonder what you will do this weekend. Have a
rest? Worked? Something else .... I will meet friends again in a cafe, one of
them has a birthday. And then we will continue to celebrate it in a country
house. I hope you will not be bored? I will only be back on Monday morning and I
will write to you right away. Have a good weekend!

Your Diana

Hi Aaron! I had a great time with friends. And I watched a wonderful movie.
Hope you had a good weekend too? How are you? What did you do?

Hope to see your answer!


Hello Aaron!

Just letting you know how your weekend goes. I wonder what you're doing this
weekend. Are you resting? Do you work Something else .... I was a little upset
because I did not receive your letter today. Hopefully after reading this note
you will write to me. I really hope for it. OK? I'll wait.....

Yours Diana.

Hey Boris, how was your weekend? I hope you had a great time. I was at the
birthday party, we had a lot of fun. It was great! I hope you write me about
your weekend.



How do you? How was your day? You are working? For example, I have a lunch break
and I decided to write to you. I hope your day will be better after my letter
.... Tonight I slept badly. Outside the window, cars were constantly rustling. I
want to return home and relax as soon as possible ... I finish my day at 6 pm.
And you? I hope your day is better than mine ..? Haha .. I hope you write to me

I'll be waiting for your letter..


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