Hello there Friend,
I wanted to get to know you a little bit closer. Do not actually know where to start. Anyhow, Now i am 28 years of age, truly gentle and upbeat, really love live theater, arts and crafts and watching movie films with my relatives. Things I aren't happy with are impolite guys, national politics and simply lies. For that reason, I plan to find somebody whom I can certainly rely on and maybe sooner or later build an essential relationship with. Please write to me exactly where are you located, how old are you, the place do you have a job at, things you love best, everything that you have trust in and the best way you like to use your free time? I'll be very happy to obtain a letter from you as soon as possible.
Have a Great Day,

Good day Sweetheart,
I decided i would familiarize yourself with you a bit better. Do not actually know where to begin. Anyway, I am just twenty eight years old, rather compassionate and upbeat, really love live theatre, artwork and seeing films with my family. Stuff I can't stand are rude guys, national politics and lies. And so, I plan to find a buddy whom I can trust and sooner or later form a significant union with. Please write to me where are you from, what is your age, where do you work, things you like best, the things that you believe in and the best way you like to spend your free time? I'm going to be pleased to get a reply from you soon.
Hope to See You,

I never received answer from you. But I dared to write you again.
Please, say me. I'm interesting for you or not? Maybe you didn’t
like my photos? Or do you already have someone? If so, then we can
just be pen pals. Because it is always interesting to find new friends,
especially their other countries. Learn something new.
I want to remind you that I received a letter from you.
There it was written, "I invite to communication!" Please, answer me,
I am interesting for you or not? And yet, tell me please, did you receive
my five past letters? Maybe they are in the spam box.
I'm waiting  your answer.

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