Hello Darling. How was your day? I wish all is well. I am creating my Mail and I hope that you are common human. It is not my first attempt to find someone online. My previous contacts fared to be married men. Building a real relationship is the main a im. I take my chance even after all the failures. I will talk a little about my life. I'm Sveta. I was born and live in UA-ukraine, after all I have been assuming more and more about shifting my place of residence. I am afore thirty five, I understand that it is too much, the time ispenetrating. Therefore, I do not have the capacity to play silly games. I am an educated, kind person, as well as a good housekeeper. I am working in dentistry. I do not have any financial difficulties. This is the resume of me. When our aims fit, you could reply me. Write about youself. Whether we are interested in each other, I suppose we will have an opportunity. For now the option is yours.

Interested? Please reply ONLY to my personal email:

I will be looking forward for your answer. Svitlanka,


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