Hello my dear,
Compliments to you and thanks for taking your precious time to send me a message. The reason why i contacted you is because i intend visiting your country for tourist, but first let me tell you little about my self.
I am Dr. Lilian willson, born and brought up in 12 Basing-hall Avenue, London, CZ42 75B/  United Kingdom, into a family of three, I am 35 years old, single with one daughter by name Tima 11 years of Age also schooling here in the United Kingdom.
I attended my high school in England. After then I proceeded to  Basing-hall, for my University career and graduated as a Medical Practitioner. Presently i work with the  United Kingdom Health Department and the General medical center as a consultant on Child health (Pediatrician).
Serving God is my top priority in life because I believe that nothing ever exists without the permission of God, this makes me to believe in the joy of friendship, a thing that has given me the opportunity of knowing you.
So how are you copping with life? How is your country? l have not had any opportunity to be outside of my country for holidays or tourist; I hope my knowing you will make an avenue for me to be there soon by God's grace. This is just a little about myself and i hope you will tell me about yours, your Country, occupation and everything that is worth knowing about you OK. Please I am here strictly for friendship and maybe more with time.
Dr. Lilian willson.

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