Hi!!! How are you doing? How 's your mood!? I hope you 're all right!
My name is Tatyana!
I decided to write you this message in the hope that you would read it!
I believe that it is always interesting and useful to find new dating!
The purpose of my letter is to meet you in the hope of becoming good and close friends. Actually, I 'm looking for a man for a serious relationship.
I 'm a lonely Russian girl from Russia! I 'm 33 years old and ready for a serious relationship, are you ready for a serious relationship? 
I don 't want to play games and waste my time. I hope your intentions are serious.
I 'd really like to know more about you! Tell me a little about you? 
I look forward to reciprocity on your part and hope to receive a positive response!
I 'm sending you my pictures! Then I can send you more of my pictures!
I will wait with patience for your answer! I hope the answer is quick!
Respectfully Tatyana!
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