Hello !
 I just saw your profile, I like it for which reason I allow myself to send you this message.  I write to you to meet you.  We are here for that?  I introduce myself, I am Marie-Angel, 28 years old celib without child.  As I just told you, I'd like to meet you  
In the first place, I am looking to enlarge my circle of friends and know one can never be met one day or another the soulmate in order to build something solid and serious, finally a long term relationship.   
I'm not looking for the prince charming or the knight serving as we often see in the movies, but I'm looking for someone who is at first down to earth and head on shoulders, who has a fairly large acquisition of  maturity, and a pretty big notion of life.
 Someone who can be trusted, and be attentive when talking to him, who respects the woman, I do not ask to venerate her, but a mutual respect, because the woman is not a toy  or a sexual object contrary to what other men think in the animal state.
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