Salut I hope you all are well? I would like to get acquainted with the man which will be to appreciate our dialogue. From me there is a request to you- write to me only, if you are really interested in serious relations. If I did not interest you or interests only naked photos sex, please, do not spend my and time. I like fascinating dialogue. I want the decent relation to myself. I already the adult woman and I wish calmnesses and happiness. I is adjusted to leave from RU and to begin a life with zero. Also I should to be assured of my future! I ask you to be with me serious and the present. My name Elvina. To me 42 year. I work in tour agency. I hope on friendly dialogue and reciprocity.

Interested? Please answer ONLY to my regular mailbox: elvinairkutsk22@yandex.ru

I Wish to see your photos and the return the letter. Good luck, Elvinulka!

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