Good afternoon or evening, I do not know what the difference is, in what city do you live?
I will look on the Internet! My name is Elvina I live in Irkutsk!
My height is 168 centimeters. I work in an environmental center! if you look at the map of my city, then you will see proximity to Lake Baikal!
This is the largest lake in the world, and of course there is the most beautiful nature here!
a lot of criminals who steal forests, so we cooperate with the police. I am 42 years old,
I was married for 10 years, but we could not have children, so we separated. The problem is not in me, do not worry.
I am looking for a good man who will respect and love me and most importantly, I am ready to leave Russia and ready to move towards my man.
I will not write a big and banal letter, if I am interested in you, then I am waiting for an answer and photos.

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