For the first time I hear about such a site, this is news for me. Could you send your photo? I would like to see you. Are you looking for a relationship or just online communication?
Waiting for your reply. Lada.

My acquaintance has never been so strange, but I'm glad that we were able to start communication. Tomorrow I will re-read what you wrote to me and will give you your answer, maybe I’ll tell you a little about yourself,
I will send a couple of photos. I hope you will be glad.
In the meantime, good night, take care. We'll talk tomorrow. Lada.

Good day Good-looking,
Assumed i can e-mail you first to start conversation. Here's a little bit regarding me personally. Everyone believe that I happen to be rather good looking, most likely it is because I am in shape since I love jogging. I am able to provide love to the individual I cherish, quite possibly, it'll be you. 
Please respond in case you appreciated what you have read and I promise to help you become very happy.
Here's my e-mail box: eyesmatchless@gmail.com
Warm Regards,

Hello my friend xxx 
I have not seen any of your photos before, nor in the first, nor in any letter. Could you send your photos to me again? You are welcome.
The photo of that girl that you sent to me is also not familiar to me, and I do not even have an idea who she is.
I am from Belarus, I am 31 years old. This is my photo.
My goal is relationship. Search for the man of your dreams. Waiting for your photo.

Hello my friend Ingo!
As you probably already understood, Lada writes to you. I am very happy to receive your letter!
I apologize for the delay in my reply, but I think this is the last time.
I am really very pleased with what you wrote to me!
In addition, I hope that my letter was a big surprise for both you and me!
Do you have a question now? Where did I get your email address? I turned to a dating service in our city.
The computer in the dating service found me several email addresses that match my request, these are men from other countries.
First I looked at the email addresses and decided to send you the first message. I hope you have time to chat with me.
I want to tell you why I decided to use the Internet!
The fact is that my friend Alina found her future husband via the Internet! Her husband's name is Gary, and now they live together in Australia!
Alina and Gary are very happy together! I know how much they love each other, and I am very happy for them!
Do you have a question now? Why didn’t I find a Belarusian man?
I will be very serious and honest, and I will tell you that I had a friend from Belarus from my city Gomel, and I loved him very much,
but he found himself another girl and broke off his relationship with me!
I also want to say that he was very fond of drinking alcohol, like many
Belarusians, maybe you know about this?
From alcohol I can afford to drink a glass of good wine only on holidays!
I do not smoke cigarettes. I take care of my health and the health of my unborn children!
I just do not have bad habits! I also want to pass this on to my friend Alina!
She also has no bad habits. She told me that men in foreign countries really appreciate it both among women and their people!
Do you respect women? Alina chose her friend Gary from Australia, as she can speak and write in English,
and I also like that she can speak and write English, and I also, like her, decided to find a man from abroad.
I really want to tell you more about myself! I am 31 years old, my
The zodiac sign is "ARIES", I was born on April 1, 1988. Tell me, when is your birthday?
I am a Belarusian girl by nationality. My religion is Christianity. I believe in God Jesus.
I have never been married and have no children. I am a sensitive and very kind girl.
I also want to tell you about the city where I live! The name of my city is Gomel.
Gomel is located 320 kilometers from our capital of Belarus, Minsk.
Gomel is a very beautiful city, and I really love my wonderful city!
Our city has many beautiful streets and attractions.
You probably know that it is often cold in Belarus, and our weather often makes people wear warm clothes!?
Of course, it depends on the time of year. I am also wondering what the weather is!
My favorite season is summer! When the sun is very bright and you can hear birds singing, nature at this time is very beautiful!
It's very romantic! Do you like summer In the summer, my mood is at its best :-)
I also really want to tell you about my education!
I studied at the Gomel State Medical University. And I graduated from the university in 2011, it was at the university that I learned English well,
and I can speak English without any problems.
But I think that I’ll be wrong anyway! :-)
And if we look at these errors together, I can even better know English!
I hope you do not refuse to help me? :-) Therefore, please forgive me in advance if I am mistaken! Will you forgive me :-)
I also want to say that after graduating from the university I received a diploma in the specialty “pediatrician”.
But, unfortunately, I could not continue my medical career, because here, in Belarus, as in many other countries,
It is very difficult to find a good job in my specialty.
And now I work as a waitress in a bar, although I am a doctor by training. I like working in our bar,
and our visitors are very nice people. I also want to tell you that I have access to the Internet!
The computer that is in the office of our boss in our bar. The fact is that there is no computer in my house,
and I have to use my boss's computer.
I wrote so much to you! I did not think that I could tell you so much and write about myself!
I am finishing my letter to you. I would be grateful if you also tell about yourself!
I would like you to tell me about your family, I would be interested to know everything!
Oh my friend, I forgot to tell you that my weight is 55 kg and my height is 173 cm!
Also write me your weight, height, tell us about your city, where you live, I have never been to other countries!
And I will be very happy to know more about your country!
I am adding my photos and hope you enjoy them! :-)
Hope to see your answer soon!

Sincerely, your new Belarusian friend, Lada.
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