Hello dear Ingo,

It was a great pleasure for me to be able to follow up on your mail, I hope, like you, to deepen our knowledge in order to see if we have points in common. Thank you for your short description!

As you already know, I am Fatim Ponce I am in my 39th year, I am single without children .. I am French of Malian origin .. I lived in France in the city of Rennes, but for personal reasons, I am in Africa in Mali where I live precisely in the city of Bamako. You know ?
I have been alone for a long time and loneliness weighs on me so much that it has become an enemy for me, which is why I opted for internet relations in the hope of finding this man who will be ideal for me.
I also want to inform you that I knew this site thanks to an ad, so I clicked, I signed up and here we are finally in contact, Nice to meet you!

Regarding, my job, I sell clothes in a store, that's how I earn my living. My free time, I often go to the beach, I go to the cinema and often walks with friends.

You know, I am of the same opinion as you and know that for me too the difference in age does not concern me, because in love age does not count and more, I like men older than me because that they have a certain maturity that young men do not have.
As for the distance, in fact, there is a very large distance between but that does not concern me because, I will be ready to cross the oceans, the mountains, the borders, the seas and the forests for the man that my heart will choose as my other half.
Speaking of the two of us, I think we still have time to get to know each other better; it is up to us to discover it in order to better exploit it as we please.

I do not like to boast but I have always been optimistic in all that I undertake and to tell you the truth, we must know each other before this meeting know that I am really decided because, I trust destiny as well as love, I tell myself that if fate wanted us to meet then it's for a good cause and I really have a lot of hope because, I tell myself that the current is going pretty well, also physically we like each other it only lacks the meeting and I tell myself that it will go well and know on the one hand, I like the unknown especially in love because, it allows us to know lots of things. think that we must let destiny happen while putting our will and our determination. I hope to get to know you better and see if we have things in common in order to see what the future holds.

Now I will ask you questions and I hope you answer me! Because if we wanted to know each other, we would have to say everything without hiding anything.

Tell me, how long have you been on the net looking for a woman? Have you ever conversed with women on the net? How did it happen ? Do you believe in love of the net?

I'll send you some pictures of me, I hope you're not going to find me too ugly (Laughter).

On those, I wish you a good reception.

Can't wait to read you again soon.

Sincerely, Fatim!

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