Greetings, My first name is Luicsa. I live and work in Canada. I'm just 30 y.o. It is actually a wonderful day and i'm in a rush to get in contact with you as soon as possible. At this time i'm a lady without a guy of my desire. I really rely on a destiny which has a cheerful long term future for myself and that you could be the main one. I want to be close to a responsible male. I'm actually a nice girl, but I truly feel the fact that solitariness is annoying me sometimes. I'm just searching for my sweetheart, who can give me joy and lasting love. Should you be interested in being a part of my mission, i highly recommend you to respond. Make it a Great Day!

Hi dear xxx! I'm glad to see your new letter. I think you like
the start of our chatting, because I see your another letter to me. To
be true I was thinking for the whole day, will you answer to my letter
or not. I think you've heard a lot of bad stories about girls. In my
opinion they have ashamed their countries and I don't respect this
type of people. I can't understand how can they cheat good people. But
I hope you will never compare me with such girl. I'm a different girl
and you will understand it later.
  I asked you to chat with me by email. You can ask me, why only email?
There are a lot of social networks and etc.. What's a problem? I had
account on Facebook, but I had to delete it because I was tired of bad
and  rude  men  there. It's a long story and maybe one day I will tell
you more about it.
  I know you're tormented by the question of what made me come to
Canada. One day my friend Tereza told me that if I lived there I could
find a decent standard of living and could live for a while there. I
know Tereza for 15 years. She helped me to find a good job. Tereza is
my best friend. Do you have good friends? I have a working visa. I
forgot to say I have graduated from Czech university with bachelor
degree. But I like kids and I decided to be a babysitter.
  I love to listen a wonderful classical music. I love to listen Mozart
and Chopin. And I like to watch a good movies. My favorite one is the
"Titanic". Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are the main actors in
it. Did you watch this movie? I think you are tired of my long letter,
so I have to stop writing for today. But I will write more, if you
will be interested in me. I have some questions for you. Can you
describe a woman of your dream? Can you tell me a little bit more
information of your work? I will give you my phone when we will know
each other little more. I want talk with you by the phone but I think
it's early. I am waiting for your answer!
                               Your friend Luiza

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