I do not know the reason of you keeping silence. Perhaps,
you just didn't get my letters. I have sent you some and
wrote you more about myself.
I didn't write to you earlier as I didn't see your letter
at my email address. If you do not remember me,
I wrote you at the dating site. And I've got your reply at
my e-mail. But I didn't see it earlier that's why I had a
delay. Your letter was in the spam folder. 
Perhaps, you are not interested in me. So, please, just
write me if you are interested in me or not. And then
I will not bother you any more. 
Perhaps, you have someone already. Then just write me and
I will not wait for you but look for another man.
Maybe you are scared that I am russian.
I speak English fluently. And I am
going to come and live in your country in a month. I am going
to enter the University in your country to get another higher
education. I could enter the one close to you so we could meet. 
I am waiting for your reply. And I will understand everything
even if you don't want to talk to me any more.

Hello Valentin,
I am glad to receive your answer. Unfortunately I cannot speak online.
I write letters to you in internet cafe to time very little. I shall continue 
To write letters from here. I already wrote, that I rent an apartment
there phone was not present.
On it we should communicate electronic letters. I gather 
To arrive your country in a month I am going to enter the university
Or in college. I do all documents for this purpose. On it I was interested at you
About college or university near to you. Thus I can study and 
We can meet you. You want that we met? 
Today I am going to walk on foot on park. It is pleasant to me of walk on foot.
It is possible to come into cafe to drink a cup of coffee. 
My city very beautiful and green here is many interesting places: parks,
Parkways with fountains, squares, beautiful churches.
I am Christian, but to people of other belief concern well.
I have no car it very dearly for me. I when have not visited to drive the car,
Because I do not have driving licence.
Tell to me about the city? What there is interesting? Your favourite places which
You visit? Send more photos.
I am going to send you my address here.
in case you decide to send me a card or a
hand-written letter: -
to OLGA,
Number apartment: - 12,
Name street - Makarenko 27,
City - Belgorod,
Region (state) - Belgorodskaya oblast,
Zip code - 308029
Country - Russia

There is no reply from you and I wonder what happened. I hope
everything is fine with you. 
Did you forget about me? If you decided to stop correspondence
with me?, please, let me know. It is better to hear the truth.
Please, write me as soon as possible. I worry about you and
I wonder what could happen to you. 
I just hope you are not going to give up on me. 
Please, remember there is someone thinking of you a lot.
And I would like to be your friend or girlfriend.
Hope to hear back from you very soon.

such a pity there is no message from you.
You have received my last letter?
In this letter, I wrote more about me to you and said that
my nick name is Kiska.
May be my letter has got in yours spam folder? Look there!
I only want to tell you that I think of you and wait for
your reply. Please, write me as soon as possible.
I am waiting for your reply impatiently.
I have decided to write to you. I very much want that you have
learned me better as I live,
That I do free time from work. I like to go in for sports.
I go on aerobics, year there is an opportunity.
It helps me to remain to the good form and to be healthy.
I do not smoke, but I can sometimes drink good wine
when I meet my friends
To like me good the kitchen. I like to prepare, and to visit
to prepare for new dishes.
What your favourite dishes? What do you like to eat? 
On days off with friends I go billiards or bowling.
It too my favourite sports. What your favourite sports?
Than you are engaged days off? 
In the evenings I like to look good films. Especially comedies.
What films to like you or you like to read?
Sometimes I find time for reading. My favourite writers Remarque,Dostoevsky.
Very much I love walks in park in good weather, I rent a bicycle
Also I go for a drive. You love walks in park if there is such opportunity?
Tell to me more about itself.
What do you prefer? Than you are interested? 
I have an important question to you.
You know any colleges and universities near to your place?
I wish to study and meet you more.
I shall wait for your answer.

What is your real name?
I am very glad to receive news about you. Thanks that has
found for me time. 
I shall write to you so we learn each other is better.
You can name me Kiska.
My name is OLGA,
But all my friends call me Kiska.
I shall tell more in detail about myself. My apartment where
I live, is happy small,
But convenient. Here very dearly to rent a greater apartment.
I have one room,
Small kitchen. In an apartment of phone is not present, but
I have a cellular telephone 
But I do not think, that I can call in other country.
Therefore write to me letters here.
So it will be more convenient. I live one As my parents
were lost to accident.
It is very complex to be one. Very much I wish to have family,
to devote myself and the  
Time to the favourite person. I think this the most important. 
Tell about itself. Why you cannot find second half?
You very interesting the man. I wish to know about you more. 
I shall wait for your photos. 
I should finish the letter as time internet cafe is limited.
I do not have personal computer of the house.
The following letter I shall tell about the hobbies and a hobby.
I shall wait very much about you for the answer.

Dear Valentin!
Such a pity there is no reply from you. I was waiting so much
for your letter. Hope that you’ve got my previous e-mail where
I sent you my mail address.
I have friend Vika. She is close friend. She makes all my pics.
She likes to photographe me. It's her hobby. I like to pose her.
I already spoke you - I shall arrive to you in a month.
I still choose college in which I shall go to study.
I shall inform you the name when I shall know.
I shall know all the information in a week.
I had relations with men in my life. But I can’t depend on a man.
When I love I give all of myself  to this person.
Unfortunately, men can’t always appreciate this. I like sex but
I think that when you are in relations with someone you should
be faithful and do not betray the one who lives with you.
Unfortunately, men here want to have everything, a faithful wife
and another woman as a lover. I am a very devoted and faithful
person and this I can’t accept. Hope you understand me. 
Sex is very good but I accept it only with the person that
I love. I am not a virgin but at the same time I am not a slut.
My last relations were 2 years ago. Unfortunately, it didn’t
work out as he was too busy spending good time with his friends
all the time and he almost paid no attention to me. I was just
like a beautiful thing for him and nothing more. Since that time
I had no relations with other men. 
Well, it is not really comfortable to talk about sex right now.
You know that I write from the internet  cafe and there are
lots of people around me. And also I don’t know you too good
yet to discuss this topic. 
I have to go now. People are coming and coming to the internet
cafe and you know my time is limited (15min). Internet cafe is a
place where everyone can come and use a computer there. We have to
pay for such a service. It is not a library where you can use
computers free of charge. But here the time is limited as there are too many
people who need to use them. Please, tell me about your family.
What relations do you have with them?
Enjoy you day!!!
All the best to you.
P.S. I asked you in my previous letter to send me your address.
I want to send you a card and my picture. Or perhaps, I will
send you a hand written letter.

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