Greetings new interlocutor. I discovered your email address on dating web page. For a long time I was not brave enough to send you a letter. What do you think of the woman that sends a letter to guy premier? Is it possible? In real life, I am much more diffident. My name is Tatyana. My home country is Russia and my age is thirty four years old. I work as a dentist of the uttermost category and it is a practice in a large partial medical center in my region. I am busy most of the time and I have many patients. Sometimes I conduct complex operations to full reinstate the jaw after a crash. I have 3 diplomas for proficient coaching of a dental practice in other nations. I worked hard and hence could not form durable relationship. Currently I decided to find a man who will be sincere with me and give me all his love and kindness. The last relations I had finished 1 year ago and all this time I attempted to find a couple on dating pages. However, I greeted barely sick guys who needs only copulation and naked photos. I believe that you are not such a man and you are only interested in a long-term relationship. When you are not prepared for this, then I plead you not to answer my letter. If you write me, then in my following email I will let you know more about my lifestory. If you decide to send me an e-mail, I beg you to let me know where you inhabit, the name of your city and your interests. I sincerely desire to find out more about you. It is not a question that I will always reply you and tell you a lot about my life.

Interested? Please write ONLY to my personal mail box: fursstanya@yandex.com

I am forwarding you my photo and do hope you like me. Expecting for the next mail as quickly as possible, Tatyanchika

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