Hello again!!! Thanks for your response. Sorry for delay.
I have contacted with you from my other e-mail few days ago.
But let's use this e-mail because it is my main e-mail address
where I use it usually. So let's start our dating!
My name is Galina. I am 35 years old living alone...
And what are you looking for on net?
As for me I am a simple kind woman in searching of good friend and
probably more close relations. Anyway I hope we can build friendship.
I am sending a couple pics of me.
I will try to send my pics in each letter if we would continue,
I think photos says more than many words.
I hope you are interesting in our dating...
You can ask from me anything you want to know about me I will try
to answer anything you are interesting sooner. So please write to me back soon...
Once again all apologies for not writting sooner... But do not worry
I am often here on this e-mail... Galina

Hello again Karl! I wrote to you few days ago... Why did you not reply still?
I am still interested and would be happy to keep in touch.  Galina

Hi again darling. Have found your e-mail due the internet finding. I am still interested to date with you. And let me inform about myself. I am fun loving woman looking for a suitable man with goofy sense of humor and who knows how to make his woman respected. I enjoy reading books and visit parks time to time. I do not like any kinds of heart games. And what about you? Tell me all of you. What do you like to do? How do you do your free hours? Your hobbies. Hope to get your answer today. Would be happy to get your pics added.

If you are interested in me Please answer ONLY to my private mailbox:

Bye till the next time Galinusenka

Hello again Karl!!! Few days has already passed and I do not have any new letters
from you still. Do you have any problems or do you just not wish to write to me? Galina

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