Hello Reiner! How are you? My name is Olga. I am very glad to meet you. I think it will be very interesting for me to get to know you
better. I think that in order to continue our communication with you, I would like to know more about your intentions. I do not want to
waste my time. If you are serious about meeting the woman with whom you want to spend life together, then tell me about it. If you are not
looking for a serious relationship and you only want fleeting meetings or a joint vacation, then tell me about it right away. I really want
to know this. I also want to tell you right away that I will never send you my naked photos! This is immoral for me. I respect myself and I
have moral principles that I will never violate. If you are interested in continuing our communication, then I will be glad to see your
letter soon. In any case, I hope you will answer me. Have a nice day! Olga!

Hello Reiner! What are you busy with? I understand that you cannot always answer my letters. But please find 5 minutes a day to write me at
least a short letter. We started communication with you and I want to continue this. I hope you write to me tomorrow. Olga.

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