Good evening, How was your day? This is not myprimaryattemptto meet someone online. My previousconnectionsfared to be liars. You can call me Iryna. I was born and live in Ukraine, after all I have been assuming more and more about shifting my place. I am already 35 years old, I realize that it is too much, my years arepassing. Thus, I don't have the time to actsilly games. I'm educated and smart, caringperson, as well as a goodhousekeeper. I work in dentistry. I do not have any financial difficulties. I ask you to reply to this email so that I know that you have got and read it. If you write me, then in my next mail I am going to relate you more about myself. If you decide to send me an e-mail, I ask you to let me know where you stay, the name of your city and your amusement.

If you are interested in me Please reply ONLY to my personal mail box:

I will be waiting impatiently for your e-mail. Irynchik


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