Hi Bomhardt!

I   am  very glad you found some times to write me back :) How is your
mood?  Hope  your  day is going good :) My day is good, and i am not a
good mood and hope my photo will raise your's :)

Thanks a lot for your photo! I like you :) You are very attractive!

So  we  wrote each other, because we need serious relations, and i bet
Bomhardt that like me you do not need any kind of games :)

I became 31 on the 11 of November :) I am 168 cm tall and my weight is
around 52... I do my best to stay in a good shape ;)

I  want  to tell you right at once, that age difference is nothing for
me! I always wanted to have mature and experienced man near me! :)

What  is your favourite place in your country? I heard, that it's very
beautiful in Germany!

I  live  in  Krasnodon.  It's  in  Ukraine...Actually  eastern part of
Ukraine!  Work  as  brows maker :) You know, some women have very thin
and not pretty brows :) I help them to make them looking great :)

What do you like the most of all at your work?

I  like  different  music, but my favourite singers are Rihana, Sum41,
Blink 182!

I  am  very  glad,  that  for  you  inner  world of the person is much
important than outer one! 

Reading about the woman you are looking for i can say, that i am ideal
woman for you :))

I  am  open  minded,  east  going caring, joyful, loving, responsible,
faithful woman for whom her man is center of the world ;) I would love
my  man to be caring, loving, reliable, loyal and joyful :) Other good
qualities are also always welcome :)))

I  hope you will have some time in your schedule to tell me more about
you ask me questions :)I will also ask them in my next letters ;)

I wish you prefect day ;) Inna!

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