Good day, What mood at you? I hope, that the letter will find mine you in good an arrangement in spite of the fact that it be probable slightly spontaneous for you! I have addressed in agency of acquaintances with a wish to meet the significant other and after answers to questions to me have given your mail. I think, that you also, as well as I have got tired of loneliness and search the native person. It is frequent men by the first show the initiative in acquaintance. But any the person has the right fortunately and who will give to us this happiness if we are not to create it with own hand?? For this reason, I send to you this letter and I think, that you reliable the man who in search of love of all life, also as well as I. I ask you if all it does not call you interest it is simple do not respond me! But if you write the answer to me I will know, that my letter address has got to the necessary person. Now I am sorry, that I and was not presented, and allow to correct it! My name is Irisha. I from far Russian city Syktyvkar. I am assured, that you never heard about such city, but even in unfamiliar places for you live lungs in dialogue and positive women who want to be carefree near to strong the man! I reliable and optimistically adjusted the lady. I assume, that you are convinced of it if we continue ours dialogue. I will begin to give a lot of information today, but I promise to tell more about myself in my following letter and also to attach more than mine a image.

If you are interested in me Please write ONLY to my private email:

Good pastime, Iroka.


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